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  Founded in 2009, Shenzhen Xin Feng Wei Ye Technology Co.,Ltd( hereinafter referred to as Xin Feng Wei Ye) is a professional supplier of wireless communication devices in China and worldwide. We have won the title of New & High Technology Enterprise of China for 2016.

  Xin Feng Wei Ye Combines R&D, manufacturing and sales together, and undertakes global OEM business. We have one R&D center with about 50 employees, one Manufacturer Center with about 200 members, and one partner manufacturer with about 500 members.

  We have more than 750 employees and partners engaging in sales, research & development and manufacturing throughout China.

  We aspire to provide the best product with the best customer service worldwide with 100% customer satisfaction.

  In 2015, Xin Feng Wei Ye established a strategic partnership with Sanechips and quickly emerged as a long term, stable partner of Sanechips. Thanks for the top technical support of Sanechips, Xin Feng Wei Ye has quickly expanded its business into global markets, and established successful partnerships with around the globe.

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