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  Company advantage

  1、product advantage

  Companies rely on the continued strong research and development strength, R & D personnel accounted for the company's total staff ratio of more than 50%, with more than 10 years of experience in R & D, have the ability to rapidly react to the market, according to the different requirements of users, the continuous update technology. Can be based on customer requirements for data adjustment, parameter settings, as well as the module update and other aspects of the comprehensive arrangement of production. The company's products can meet user's requirements in different specifications, different varieties, different materials and different quantity from the exterior design, internal program software update, upgrade. Products through the CMMI-3, ISO9001, system integration, security and defense industry qualification permit a number of certification, most of the products through the products through the CE certification, FCC certification, EMC certification, ROHS quality certification, with products industry's absolute leading superiority.

  2、experience advantage

  The backbone of the company's R & D personnel has 10 years experience in the communications industry, Both experience and participate in the development of analog communications and wireless data terminals in the mainland of China, And participate in 2G/EDGE/3G/4G wireless data terminal products R & D and production, involved in the communication market of mainland China "broadband alternative narrowband, wireless alternative to wired, data replacement voice" of industry evolution history, participated in the China Datang and other communications famous enterprise management and operation, Can fully guarantee the customer's quality requirements of products, the company's existing customers in more than and 200 countries around the world.

  3、Pattern advantage

  At present, There are many communications industry production enterprises, but the majority of the production line on a smaller scale, there is no perfect R & D, production, sales and quality after-sales service, so as to ensure the quality of the products and even less able to mass production can't meet the needs of customers and consumers. And the company through continuous technological innovation and product structure adjustment, to expand the size of the product and product varieties, with perfect process, first of all is professional technical team of product development and develop trial products plan, make test activities after stop debugging, to ensure the quality of products, so as to achieve mass production, is a modern production line in the whole production process, equipped with automatic placement machine, welding, on-line testing and other professional production equipment, in strict accordance with the ISO9001 requirements of organizing production, product trouble free operation and finally realize the perfection of the product.

  4、After-sales service advantage

  Whether it is our direct sale of the company or our agents sold each product, there are after-sales service telephone and telephone complaints, customers can contact us at any time,As long as the product, the phone is customers ,we’ll solve problems for customers at any time, When the customer is satisfied with our service, Customers turn introduced the probability will be more. The company opened a lot of landline, terminal customers have any problems at any time you can call the customer service telephone consultation service hotline.

  5、National social security, Three packs of policy advantage

  Companies across the country by the end of the unified customer service, according to three packs of policy, warranty for one year, life-long maintenance, to protect the customer's confidence in our products.

  6、Free technical support advantage

  Agents in the business process, if you encounter technical problems can not be resolved, the company will send professional and technical personnel to fully support.

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