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Vehicle networking open platform is a Tencent to attract a small partner of the automotive industry banner, Core is open Tencent with API, Let the interested in car networking business and Technology Practitioners "One interface access to all services Tencent".
4G router, the actual is on the basis of the ordinary router, adding a 4G dial part, divided into two types of built-in and external, Built in is a 4G module, PCB board of the built-in router, insert the SIM card on the router, to achieve the reception of the base station signal, use internet.
Portable wireless routing is also one of the people often said portable WiFi, characterized are shape and artful design, easy to carry, can quickly create a WiFi hotspot, But for this wave of incoming all kinds of portable WiFi, a lot of friends do not know how to choose, then today for everyone to analyze, the portable WiFi in the market in the end which is good.
Wireless router is a kind of communication equipment which does not need network cable connection. Wireless routers can provide greater mobility than wired routers to a portable PC or mobile terminal. Routers work like firewalls, because they hide every IP PC address from the Internet.
Industrial router is a durable device for connecting two or more networks, which can only be transmitted to the desired port. Gateway can be converted to standard Ethernet and industrial Ethernet protocol, wireless and wired interface or Ethernet and field bus communication protocol. Processor performance from 200 to 1500 or more MIPS.
According to the survey. Wireless operational strategic services released the latest forecast report <Global cellular subscriber forecasts 2016-2022 >forecast: 2016 global 4G business revenue will exceed 3G, 2016 will become the global cellular network development 4G revenue will exceed 3G, Accounted for 49% of the total business revenue, while the 2G business revenue will decline by 21%, 3G revenue fell 19%.
Research shows that in the next few years there will be a lot of smart devices connected to the Internet, then the information security issues are particularly important. Report shows that by 2020, the world will have about 26 billion independent intelligent devices. But the number of intelligent devices currently used by enterprise users is more than 1 billion.
With the rapid development of the network, the 4G module in the field of communication development and demand is more and more big. Apple in some time ago low-key update their own MacBook product line, but only a slight upgrade on the hardware, and the true sense of the new MacBook is expected to arrive later this year. In fact, design of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro has for a long time did not change significantly the, If this year is still a routine upgrade, then, it is estimated that many
The rapid development of mobile Internet, the stronger the more and the importance of wireless network communication, popularity is more and more big, some ordinary home routers not fully able to meet the current needs of society, then industrial router of the generation, development and application will is covering the important communication products of large enterprises and factories. Some knowledge of industrial routers can be summed up.
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