How to implant Advertisement in a wireless router
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How to implant Advertisement in a wireless router

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  Now, wireless networks are deep into every aspect of people's lives. In many public places, we received many, many wireless network also is what we call the WiFi signal, if we do not want to use the mobile data traffic, then it can only be the use of mobile phones. Enter the verification code, network authentication. In the process of certification, the cell phone browser would immediately pop up an advertisement, its content and form a variety of diverse, text, pictures, video and so on, after the advertising, only to verify successful visitors, before they can openly enjoy free WiFi service.

  If you buy a dedicated WIFI advertising router, the cost is relatively high in the market. In fact, we can through software. The wireless router is simple to set up, you can easily implant advertising.

  From the network we can download a version called "wireless days 4.0 software" version of the crack. To extract, install, and then restart the computer, you will find the "wireless day" icon on the desktop panel.

  And then, double click the "wireless days" icon, enter the software interface.

  Third, double click on the first row of second "WIFI ads" button. In the advertisement editor window, enter the contents of the advertisement we want to implant (text, pictures, video, etc.). After the completion of the input, on the six kinds of Internet access, for any kind of choice.

  At this time, we will be able to see through the above display advertising style.

  Finally, click on the "wireless day" software in the last row, "save and take effect" of the button.

  At this time, the software will automatically prompt "advertising success", the implanted ads, mobile phones will be automatically entered into force in the next re connect WIFI.



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