How to connect the LTE router to ordinary wireless router
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How to connect the LTE router to ordinary wireless router

AddDate:2016-08-05    Hit:1164

  Suppose the two routers are: the main router and the secondary router. Then the main router can be set up properly.

  The setting method of the secondary router is as follows:

  1.A network cable connected to the secondary route of any LAN port, The other end is connected to the computer.

  2. through the computer browser login interface LAN port IP into, to avoid conflict with the main router IP network.

  3. WAN port Internet access options: dynamic IP connection, open DHCP server.

  4.wireless settings account and key, save the exit can be.

  5.from any one of the main router LAN port to connect the network cable to the WAN port of the secondary wireless router, in this time the computer will be able to access the internet. Note that the router's login address is:



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