Xinfeng Weiye 4G module of the three major use cases
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Xinfeng Weiye 4G module of the three major use cases

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  With the deepening of the 4G network construction, 4G wireless communication module to support the technology will be the networking to far-reaching significance, especially in monitoring, automotive electronics, data storage and so on, will bring an unprecedented experience. Under this big background, Shenzhen Xinfeng Weiye follow the technological pace, R & D and production out of a series of stable performance of wireless communication module, are widely applied in all walks of life. Here's a look at three specific use cases.

  First, the security monitoring

  Wireless video surveillance can be applied to wired network cannot reach or wired network price too expensive for the places, such as power high-voltage lines, environmental monitoring, forest fire prevention, street lamps, oil extraction, oil pipeline, logistics, shipping, flood control and rescue; people are inaccessible places, such as inflammable and explosive dangerous places, such as, infectious disease area and other microbial risk area; relative is not fixed by monitoring sites, temporary wiring will cost waste places, public security audit temporary deployment, army field training, temporary construction sites, temporary live venues, convention and Exhibition Center. Wireless network coverage is very high, almost not by mountains, rivers, bridges, roads and other complex terrain and regional restrictions, high reliability of the wireless transmission system, can be achieved without interruption of the safe transmission.

  Specific include: video signal can be stored in a DVR local, also can through the wireless network (LTE) are uploaded to the server, real-time video stream through LTE network (wireless router or 4G module), the user can view real-time mobile devices and PC client.

  Smart city monitoring system, camera, emergency command vehicle, individual video collector and 4G routers placed in the first scene, video streaming through 4G routers upload server supplies emergency command center in real-time monitoring.

  Xinfeng Weiye for the customer provides the high platform (TDD-LTE,FDD-LTE) wireless communication module, industrial grade TDD-LTE,FDD-LTE module power consumption low, easy integration, to provide customers with the security and stability of data transmission, safe and reliable, convenient for the secondary development. Xinfeng Weiye mature security monitoring solutions can help you reduce the workload of development, to achieve rapid and large-scale deployment, in a comprehensive development environment and opening up simple integration of external application, accelerate the customer product time to market.

  Two, automotive electronics

  Vehicle networking is the networking application in the automotive field, it means loading on the vehicle sensing device and Xinfeng Weiye wireless communication module, collecting the attribute information of the cars and people, cars and trucks, cars and road and static and dynamic information, using the mobile communication network, satellite communication network, and navigation, intelligent information processing, and technology and service platform, for car users provide more extensive business and service, and the vehicle for effective monitoring and scheduling, to achieve a more efficient, safe and comfortable vehicle management and user experience.

  Vehicle networking is to "car" for the node and the information source, information by means of wireless communication technology will get connected to business application platform, management, analysis and depth of mining and to provide, including traffic management, user security and entertainment integrated service information system. Its core is the information acquisition and feedback control, so as to achieve the "people - car - Road - environment" interconnection.

  In summary, the key elements of networking applications include: Service / content providers, business and information platform, wireless communication technology and network as well as vehicles and vehicle modules.

  Three, charging pile, meter reading industry

  DTU or wireless communication module is embedded into the charging pile, and combined with the control system, it can provide fast and simple network access and data transmission. Intelligent charging pile system consists of charging pile, DTU/ wireless communication module, back-end network management platform, data management center and the Internet based on a variety of APP applications. Charging pile operators in addition to remote real-time monitoring and maintenance, but also can provide a wealth of online applications.

  Internet of things the gas meter networking through LTE networking and wireless public network management center to realize communication networking, gas meter reading system structure. The system without collector, concentrator equipment can realize the function of network meter reading, remote control, network payment, fault monitoring.



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