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MIFI:4G Router Pocket WIFI

AddDate:2016-08-09    Hit:1406

  In contemporary society, both friends and relatives, or go out to dinner, everyone seated after the first sentence often is: "you have WiFi did? How much of the code?" Many users lamented, now if there is no WiFi in home, are embarrassed to entertain guests. Indeed, mobile phones, laptops, iPad...... Now almost everyone has these equipment, so to make these devices even on the network has become the most urgent needs. In fact, now the era of high-speed mobile Internet, you can through a 4GMiFi, to solve the multi terminal at the same time the need for high-speed mobile 4G network.

  What is MIFI? MIFI's English name is Wi-Fi Mobile, also known as wireless data terminal, is a kind of portable wireless Internet device. MIFI size and size of the phone , set the modem, router and access point three functions in one. And it can be converted to 4G network signal WIFI signal for the support of multi terminal Wi-Fi devices at any time, mobile phones, tablets, computers and easy access to the Internet, in short, MiFi is a mobile WiFi. Relative to the WiFi, MiFi portability is more convenient to go out to carry, at home or at a fixed location, the frequency of the use of WiFi is higher.

  of course, as a research and development, production and marketing of wireless data terminal equipment line of high-tech enterprises, Shenzhen Xinfeng Weiye also R & D and production a MiFi products Signalinks D925, Below for a detailed introduction of this stylish pocket WiFi, to solve the puzzle of the current lack of network.

  Signalinks D925 is a 4G multimode MiFi, luxury chip combination is formed by American imported high 9*15CPU chip+Qualcomm 6003 wifi module, high-speed operation, stability is extremely strong, the points for two versions of the five and six template, template support all domestic network operators, In addition to the five model does not support the China Telecom 3G network, the rest can be. Can be achieved by cable to WiFi, plug and play, no need for any settings, WiFi support 802.11n technology, with the standard RJ45 Ethernet interface, the family, the hotel easily enjoy free WiFi network. Has seven core technologies: Six mode fifteen frequency triple play, can be an external antenna, 150m fast Internet access, cable to WiFi, 18 hours battery life, 5200mAh charging treasure, OLED display.

  MiFi Signalinks D925 can support so WiFi devices and an easy access to the Internet, as long as you have it, whether you where, your mobile phones, tablet PCs, notebooks and all device with WiFi function can enjoy the 4G network, can support 10 sets of equipment on the Internet at the same time. Is private exclusive WiFi and Internet you will no longer be subject to any restrictions, you no longer have to endure company or other public places like a snail's public network, and your friends share your 4G network, convenient themselves will also be convenient for the others, the best of both worlds. Signalinks D925 has 5200 Ma mobile power, imported electric core, safety and security can be to charge the iPad mobile phones and other electronic products, intelligent software integration of power saving mode, the five big drop power program, effective energy saving 50%, ordinary users use more than 30 hours, severe users can use time to more than 18 hours. It has simple and stylish design, lightweight and easy to carry, belongs to a veritable pocket WiFi, with human aesthetic design, the size of the palm of your hand, grip good, and weighs 170 grams. With HD OLED screen display, information at a glance can always understand the network signal intensity and the network quality, you can view the number of users currently online, you can access the message, can understand the current electricity, you can view the flow statistics, at any time you want to feel intelligent 4G network life.

  Entered the 4G new life is to experience the thrill of high-speed 4G network. 4G MiFi Internet partner, 4G speed Internet share! Mobile phone, iPad, laptop computers to anytime, anywhere, high-speed Internet access! Let the Signalinks D925 and 4G MiFi accompanies you to open a new journey!



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