Portable 4G router and portable WiFi
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Portable 4G router and portable WiFi

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  Portable 4G router is a portable wifi. Portable WiFi is by a portable wireless router and a a Internet chip (SIM card), portable WiFi can form a mobile wireless LAN and connected to the Internet to provide one to multiple wireless internet access terminal use, convenient and mobile office, as the flyers and international travel to provide support of the Internet.

  A portable WiFi is a WiFi signal that can be carried by the wireless mobile router and wireless carriers to provide wireless internet access chip (SIM card), which can be composed of a mobile wifi receiver transmitter signal source. How to use the mobile wifi? By this set of equipment can be connected to the 2.5G, 3G or 4G network, to form a mobile wifi hotspot, such as Wing letter 4G routers, is to meet the demand for travel mobile office and business travel personage of Internet addiction. The other is to plug the device into the Internet desktop, to create a free WiFi network, such as 360 portable wifi.

  Portable WiFi features:

  1. convenient, free from the network cable constraints, can access anywhere.

  2. the economy, for the trip, a lot of high-end hotels do not offer or charge very high, the use of this program, you can reduce the cost.

  3. safe and portable WiFi is practical exclusive or is familiar people sharing, avoid to use public WiFi, information disclosure risk.

  4. the operation is simple, no need to set up, Open the machine can be used.

  5. the device is portable, simple and easy to use.

  6. at the same time to meet the multiple devices.

  7.the cost of Internet access every moment.

  Portable 4G router is the user in the insert SIM card can be network signal is transformed into a WiFi signal using, the broadband conversion is also possible: for example wireless router or is wireless repeater (this is have wireless router function) both the difference in a wireless router to network share into a WiFi signal, and can be connected with a plurality of lines to desktop internet wireless repeater (also called mini wireless router) there is only one network plug, it can only be pure the wired network is converted to a wireless.

  Portable WiFi and wireless card: Portable WiFi to network, computers to have WiFi, the WiFi only to laptop, tablet, using a mobile phone, wireless network card, only 3G, 4G coverage can surf the Internet, only to the desktop, notebook, tablet phone in USB so you can't use. To put it plainly, the portable WiFi is a transmitting device, the computer network is converted into WiFi emission, the wireless network card is a receiving apparatus, the received signal via USB to the computer.



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