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About LTE router

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  LTE router is full compatible network 4G/3.5G/3G/2.5G, flagship level configuration, VPN link, industrial door wide temperature design can be easily set up speed and stable wireless transmission network, the use of public LTE network to provide users with long distance wireless data transmission function. Can be understood as 4G router. But in two modes, in which TDD is generally the 4G network model of China Mobile, FDD is generally the network model of China Unicom and China Telecom.

  The router is a device that works in the IP network layer to realize the data packets between sub networks. Industrial LTE router can be divided into control plane, data plane and management plane, usually by data exchange network, control network, interface processing node, routing processor, management module and so on. Router routing protocol switching network topology information, In the data plane, including interface processing nodes and data exchange network, interface processing node forwarding engine from the line input IP packet is received after, analysis and modification of Baotou, the use of forwarding table lookup output port, the data through the data exchange network exchange to the output interface processing nodes on. Forwarding table is generated according to the routing table, the table entry and the routing table entries have a direct correspondence, but the format of the transfer and routing table is different, it is more suitable for fast search. Management plane including network management module, network management agent module, the realization of the industrial FDD-LTE router equipment performance, failure, security, billing and configuration management.

  Router management has not been much change in the industrial LTE router control plane, running in the general CPU system, for many years has been no change in the number of. Of course, in the design of high availability, dual master control can be used to backup, to ensure the reliability of the control plane. Industrial TD router data channels, to adapt to different line speed, different system capacity, using a different implementation techniques. The structure of the router is based on the realization mechanism of the data channel forwarding engine.In simple terms, can be divided into software forwarding router and hardware forwarding industry TD-LTE router. Software forwarding router uses CPU software technology to achieve data forwarding, according to the number of the use of CPU, to further distinguish between single CPU centralized and multi CPU distributed. Hardware forwarding router in WCDMA industrial special FPGA / ASIC devices or network processor hardware technology can be used for data forwarding, according to the position number of dedicated FPGA / ASIC devices or network processor and application specific FPGA / ASIC device or network processor for use in the device, the subdivision for the centralized processing, the processing of multi load sharing parallel and distributed switching.

  LTE router using mobile phone management settings:

  1. the network cable, router, the line between the computer connection is good, start the computer and router equipment;

  2. after the device is started, open the browser, in the address bar enter enter wireless router settings interface, if not enter please flipping through the router at the bottom plate or a router in the instructions for use and different types of router settings the default are not the same.

  3. Set the interface appears a login router account and password, enter the default account number and password admin, you can refer to the specification;

  4. After logging in, select the setup wizard, By default it will automatically pop up;

  5. Select the setup wizard will pop up a window, through the wizard can set the basic parameters of the router, click the next step can be;

  6. According to the setup wizard step by step settings, select the Internet mode, usually ADSL users will choose the first PPPoE, if the use of other network services are based on the actual situation to choose the following two options, If you do not know how to choose, then directly choose the first automatic selection can be convenient for novice operation, choose the next step;

  7. Enter the account and password from the network service provider, after the completion of the input directly to the next step;

  8. set the WiFi password, as far as possible, the combination of the number of letters is not easy to rub network;

  9. after entering the correct will prompt whether to restart the router, the option is to confirm the restart of the router ,Restart the router can be normal after the internet.



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