Main application fields and characteristics of industrial router
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Main application fields and characteristics of industrial router

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  Industrial router is widely used in the networking industry chain M2M industry, such as smart grid, smart transportation, smart home, finance, mobile POS terminal, supply chain automation, industrial automation, intelligent building, fire protection, public security, environmental protection, meteorology, digital medical, remote sensing survey, military, space exploration, agriculture, forestry, water, coal, petrochemical, and other fields.

  characteristics of industrial router:

  1. three layers of system protection: in the original two level (software protection + CPU built-in watchdog protection, external hardware watchdog protection) protection system based on the increased level of system monitoring and protection of SWP (system watch protect, completely solve the industry "false online", "fake crash", "false" difficult problem.

  2. perfect VPN: the new router, the perfect support for all VPN functions in the industry (PPTP+MPPE, IPSEC+L2TP), Solved the original router because the system can not support the problem of IPSEC function.

  3. ultra large cache: can provide 32M client data cache, Solve the data loss caused by the network bottleneck.

  4. high-speed processing CPU: By using the industrial grade CPU, which is more extremely high speed ARM9, it can deal with all kinds of protocol data conversion at a higher speed, and avoid the problem of data retransmission and loss caused by the slow processing speed of CPU.

  5. memory management MMU: the new CPU with memory management MMU, Can prevent the system from abnormal memory problems caused by the instability of the system.

  6. real-time operating system: the new system using real-time operating system RTOS, you can receive and send data more quickly and timely, to avoid the problem of data packet loss.

  7. improve the protocol stack: The new system is loaded with the perfect TCP/IP protocol stack, network communication performance is excellent.

  8. support for real-time clock: Support real time clock SNTP protocol, online update time.

  9. support a variety of wake-up call way: telephone, SMS, local data wake up.

  10. support the Internet time management.

  11. EMC performance is excellent: through the power 3000V electric shock test, especially suitable for the use of harsh environment in the industrial field, the system is stable and reliable.



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