The difference between the router and the detailed industrial Xinfeng Weiye card
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The difference between the router and the detailed industrial Xinfeng Weiye card

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  Industrial router uses high performance industrial grade 32 communication processor and industrial grade wireless module, and the embedded real-time operating system is the software supporting platform, At the same time provide 1 RS232, 4 Ethernet LAN, 1 Ethernet WAN and 1 WIFI interface, can be connected to the serial port equipment, Ethernet equipment and WIFI equipment, to achieve transparent data transmission and routing functions. Industrial router is a durable device for connecting two or more networks, which can only be transmitted to the desired port. Gateway can be converted to standard Ethernet and industrial Ethernet protocol, wireless and wired interface or Ethernet and field bus communication protocol. Processor performance from 200 to 1500 or more MIPS, chip memory capacity is usually greater than 256 KB two level cache. The factory automation equipment has a solid structure and is suitable for the poor industrial environment without fan cooling.

  The difference between wireless LAN and wireless network card. Wireless network card: wireless network card is the equipment of the terminal wireless network, wireless local area network wireless coverage through the wireless connection network to use the wireless terminal equipment. In other words, if the wireless router as a signal transmitter, then the wireless network card is the receiver of the signal. Wireless network card: wireless network card is the current wireless wide area communication network applications a wide range of Internet media. At present, our China Mobile EDGE, TD-SCDMA and China Telecom CDMA (1X) three kinds of network standard, so the common wireless network card on including CDMA wireless network card and EDGE, TD-SCDMA wireless network card three categories.

  The service life of the industrial grade router is higher than that of the common industrial router, generally now the industrial router select industrial grade materials, to support the real industrial standard -40°C to 85°C high temperature environment application. Main users field wireless 24 hours of uninterrupted networking working environment. High performance to price ratio, long service life.



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