China Telecom 2016 core router procurement project started
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China Telecom 2016 core router procurement project started

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  According to the survey. Wireless operational strategic services released the latest forecast report forecast: 2016 global 4G business revenue will exceed 3G, 2016 will become the global cellular network development 4G revenue will exceed 3G, Accounted for 49% of the total business revenue, while the 2G business revenue will decline by 21%, 3G revenue fell 19%. The report predicts From 2006 to 2022 the world's 88 countries in 6 countries mobile phones, modems, tablet computers, networking equipment, the number of subscribers and business income, but does not contain M2M forecast.

  Global LTE network has exceeded 500 by the end of 2016 will exceed 550. According to foreign media reports, the global mobile equipment suppliers association said that in May 2016, the world's 500th LTE network officially put into commercial use, and the number is growing fast. At present, a total of 167 countries / regions have launched 503 LTE commercial network, this figure is expected to increase to 550 by the end of this year. In addition, about 25% of the 4G operators have deployed LTE-Advanced network.

  China Merchants Group and China Telecom signed a strategic cooperation agreement. In June 6th, China Merchants Group Limited and China Telecom group Jointly announced a strategic cooperation and signed an agreement. China Merchants Group Chairman Li Jianhong, General manager Li Xiaopeng, deputy general manager Wang Hong, China Telecom chairman Yang Jie, General manager Yang Xiaowei, deputy general manager Gao Tongqing, deputy general manager Chen Zhongyue and other top leaders attended the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation. According to the agreement, the two sides will play their respective advantages, In the "Digital China Merchants", Finance, "The Belt and Road" and other areas to carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation.

  China Telecom 2016 core router procurement project started, About 60 units. China Telecom official news shows, China Telecom 2016 unified system to discuss the core router of the core router exchange equipment to start a centralized procurement project started, about 60 units. The tender is a China Telecom group company and a China Telecom Corporation Limited, Tendering agency is ZOJE Communication Co., ltd..



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