Principle of working process of 4G router
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Principle of working process of 4G router

AddDate:2016-08-24    Hit:1503

  What is the 4G Router: 4G router is an industrial internet of things high speed router,, across the board compatible with 4G/3.5G/3G/2.5G network, Flagship configuration, vnc link, industrial protection, wide temperature design, can easily set up a high-speed, stable wireless transmission network, Using public TD-SCDMA network to provide users with wireless long-distance data transmission function. General 4G routers provide a RS232 (or RS485/RS422), four Ethernet LAN, a WAN Ethernet and a WiFi interface, can be connected at the same time serial device, Ethernet devices and WiFi equipment, realize the transparent data transmission and routing functions.

  4G router principle: mainly in the original router embedded wireless 4G card. First, users are used to a tariff card (SIM card) in 4G router, For dial-up networking by operators 4G network, WCDMA TD-SCDMA, can realize data transmission, Internet etc. Router has WiFi function realization of Internet sharing, as long as the mobile phone, computer, PSP wireless network card or with WiFi function will be able to access through the 4G wireless router Inter, for the realization of the wireless LAN sharing 3G wireless network provides a great convenience. Some manufacturers also with a wired broadband interface, do not have access to the Internet without 4G. Through 4G wireless router, you can achieve broadband connectivity, to achieve or exceed the current ADSL network bandwidth, in the Internet of things and other applications become very wide.



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