How to look at the quality of industrial router
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How to look at the quality of industrial router

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  Industrial router is a durable device for connecting two or more networks, which can only be transmitted to the desired port. Gateway can be converted to standard Ethernet and industrial Ethernet protocol, wireless and wired interface or Ethernet and field bus communication protocol. Processor performance from 200 to 1500 or more MIPS.

  First ,the reasons for the price level of industrial router

  (1) different functions

  Although the basic functions of the same, but some of the router is also built with the difference between the other more practical functions, such as professional firewall function, VPN these, so the higher technical requirements, prices will naturally follow.

  (2) different performance

  Strong performance of the router built-in powerful processor and large capacity memory, so the cost is relatively high.

  (3) different applications

  The performance of the strong performance of the router can be used for more load of the network, while the low end of the router can not load.

  Second, determine the level of industrial router indicators

  (1) processor and memory to a large extent determines the performance of industrial routers, there is a way to distinguish between the load capacity, also called the number of belt machines.

  the number of belt machines is not a standardized amount of data, it should be based on the actual use of the situation to measure, For example, Internet cafes all people are buried in the Internet chat, games, and almost all of the data through the router to distinguish the WAN port, so the load is very heavy. But if it is a corporate network, most people are busy doing the design, write reports, make plans, the same time only a small part of the people in the network, And most of the data are in the enterprise network internal flow, so the router is very light load difference, it can be loaded at the same time a lot of clients.

  If it is said that the maximum load of 253 units, that would not have any significance, Because DHCP Max can be assigned to the number of IP addresses is 254, Minus the router using it myself is a 253, it cannot be called the index, basically is bluffing. We need to look at the actual load capacity of a router, rather than the theory of load capacity.

  (2) there are many uncertainties and deceptive nature of the load capacity, and we also can be based on the throughput.

  Throughput is the amount of data that a router can handle per second. This parameter refers to the throughput of the LAN-to-WAN, The measurement results should be in the case of NAT open, the firewall is closed, respectively, with Smart bits and Chariot two test methods were carried out. When using the Smart bits method, compare 64Byte packet test data, degree awarded, Chariot testing is the best in a number of connections, Chariot testing is preferably carried out in a number of connections, Generally can choose 100 to connect basically can see the difference between the product.

  There are many factors affecting industrial router differences, especially the grade and price of router, the processor and memory of a great degree decided the performance of routers, but the parameters for the performance of the router, the impact is the biggest.



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