China 4G module market competition is fierce
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China 4G module market competition is fierce

AddDate:2016-08-26    Hit:1208

  4G module with its can adapt to a variety of harsh working environment, and easy to use, easy to maintain and others characteristics, widely used in communications, aviation, aerospace, military, railway, electric power, industrial control and other fields. And the application of electronic information industry, aerospace, new energy and other areas of application is the national plan to encourage the development of the industry, by the national policy support.

  Industry analysts pointed out: always, module in the market many manufacturers, concentration is low, market position top 10 manufacturers in the market share of less than 60%, and mostly international brand and local brand overall competitiveness level is not high. After the outbreak of the global financial and economic crisis, the Chinese government continuous introduction of a number of positive investment policy, speeds up the 3G and 4G construction pace, to increase the investment in railway communication power new energy and other fields, the Chinese economic environment is obviously better in the international economic environment. Part of the module brand in Europe and the United States market suffered heavy losses, reduced to module market of mainland China investment and competition intensity, which to the Chinese mainland enterprise modules further expand market in the domestic high-end module to create opportunities.

  The module has the characteristics of short design period, high reliability and easy system upgrade. the module is mainly used in the field of network communication. Including power systems, transportation, new energy and other industries. 90% of the application areas are communication equipment, and other equipment such as industrial control, power systems, railway signals, mobile communication base stations and other equipment also has applications. The AC/DC module is mainly used in industrial instrumentation, household appliances, industrial control, distributed control systems and other fields.



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