Network master teach you how to choose a wireless router
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Network master teach you how to choose a wireless router

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  Wireless router is a kind of communication equipment which does not need network cable connection. Wireless routers can provide greater mobility than wired routers to a portable PC or mobile terminal. Routers work like firewalls, because they hide every IP PC address from the Internet.

  The first step: find a low price and discount. To buy a router that will provide you with the best value. "Cheaper" does not mean that the product is not good. Manufacturers and suppliers sometimes has a low price discount or some other discount.

  The second step: pay attention to the quality of the situation. It is important to make a decision. Each product has a quality guarantee period. Long term quality assurance means that this product can get better technical support and manufacturers have more confidence in this product.

  The third step: to see what the function of this router support. Not all wireless routers support the same range of functionality. Understand what function is what you need now, what function is what you need in the future. Need to consider some of the features include high speed internet connection, the basic file and print sharing and transmission of audio and image files, on the Internet to play multi player games, video streaming and multi users a lot of LAN support.

  The fourth step: in the purchase of broadband wireless router before considering the use and setting of the convenience.

  The fifth step: check the compatibility with the network adapter (Ethernet adapter) you are using now. If your Wi-Fi device is produced by a vendor, consider buying a wireless router with the same manufacturer. Vendor unity means higher performance because this device has been tested and optimized for a more comprehensive and use the same communication protocol.

  The sixth step: consider your need for speed. Wireless router is very important for the multi player game on the local area network and to solve the congestion status of the busy local area network.



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