Portable 4G router which is good
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Portable 4G router which is good

AddDate:2016-08-30    Hit:1435

  Portable wireless routing is also one of the people often said portable WiFi, characterized are shape and artful design, easy to carry, can quickly create a WiFi hotspot, But for this wave of incoming all kinds of portable WiFi, a lot of friends do not know how to choose, then today for everyone to analyze, the portable WiFi in the market in the end which is good.

  Shenzhen Xinfeng Weiye portable 4G router recommended. Recommended reason simple classic design with a variety of color appearance, is undoubtedly a major bright spot. Put aside the appearance does not say, to create a precedent for the functional aspects of the WiFi, the unique features of the phone sweep code; Modification of Chinese name, cross network acceleration and other functions. In particular, it has a unique "WiFi creation, one step in place", "Space transmission", "video sharing" and other functions are more practical, They have the bright spot is to have the 1T cloud disk space, as well as the function of the WiFi shared disk, A year of quality assurance is to make the product have more protection. But if we can carry out the same update as the phone, I believe it will be further.

  Its price advantage, plus it can achieve 300M transmission rate and other characteristics, but also be able to share a cup of soup. But the price advantage is able to make it compared with other products did not fall a hull.



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