What's the difference between the 4G router and the ordinary wireless router
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What's the difference between the 4G router and the ordinary wireless router

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  4G router, the actual is on the basis of the ordinary router, adding a 4G dial part, divided into two types of built-in and external, Built in is a 4G module, PCB board of the built-in router, insert the SIM card on the router, to achieve the reception of the base station signal, use internet. External is connect the USB4G on the USB interface of the 4G router, and realize the dial-up Internet access, so that the Internet to achieve sharing. In the case of the network can not be convenient to achieve the effectiveness of the whole batch of computer Internet access.

  4G router allows you to enjoy the network at any time and under the wifi safety assurance, never dropped, intelligent management. The router is equipped with the latest 4G and Wireless-N technology, is a full-featured network equipment, It allows you to enjoy free internet connection, whether it's in an outdoor meeting, exhibition, meeting place, factory, home, or router. Through the network interface, the hardware allows you to enjoy a desktop computer and notebook cable or 4G wireless network, you can easily download, high-definition video, Run multimedia software, watch movies or share files with you, team members, friends or family members to share files, to achieve network sharing of hardware. When it is connected to the 4G network, you can monitor the status of 4G network connection at any time. At the same time, 4G management center, to allow you to monitor or maximize your network connection, can also manage your 4G monthly traffic.

  The principle of 4G router is mainly embedded wireless 4G module in the original router. First, users use a tariff card (SIM card) inserted 4G router, through the 4G network operators WCDMA and TD-SCDMA for dial-up networking, Can achieve data transmission, Internet access, etc. Router has WIFI function to achieve shared Internet access, As long as the mobile phone, computer, PSP wireless network card or with WiFi functionality can be through the 4G wireless router access inter, It provides a great convenience for the realization of wireless local area network sharing 3G wireless network. Some manufacturers also with a wired broadband interface, Some manufacturers also with a wired broadband interface, without 4G can also normal access to the Internet. Through the 4G wireless router, you can achieve broadband connection, To achieve or exceed the current ADSL network bandwidth, In the Internet of things and other applications become very wide.



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