BAT three big giants layout car networking, 3G/4G vehicle module ushered in growing explosively.
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BAT three big giants layout car networking, 3G/4G vehicle module ushered in growing explosively.

AddDate:2016-09-02    Hit:1219

  Vehicle networking open platform is a Tencent to attract a small partner of the automotive industry banner, Core is open Tencent with API, Let the interested in car networking business and Technology Practitioners "One interface access to all services Tencent".

  In such a case, Tencent out of the three models of products: car linked ROM, the car linked App and MyCar three products, One of the car linked ROM is based on Android's ROM system, Integrated Tencent music and social applications. Car linked App is similar to Apple's Carplay, Is to connect the phone to the car, make a projection on the screen of the car; And Mycar is just a simple transmission of cars and mobile phones, Mainly are WeChat and mobile QQ and other social networking tools to achieve human vehicle interaction.

  In fact, it is not difficult to see that the Tencent car networking is the first to come up with entertainment, social and other content resources, This is the Tencent for many years the best. Tencent a program released three products, Baidu's ambition is bigger, Breath come up with CarLife mobile phone car projection, MyCar vehicle private cloud, CoDriver intelligent voice assistant, CarGuard car guards, including these four solutions. Which CarLife and Tencent at this stage of the car networking products are quite similar. Baidu is more familiar with the grand vehicle networking planning is unmanned.

  The Alibaba began to is much earlier, Although the action is slow but it seems that everything has been done. Because both Tencent, Baidu are open platform path, on previous period focus on testing of different partners. While the Alibaba has also declared open, but there is a close ally of SAIC, this means that the Alibaba's car networking is expected to be the three giants in the highest degree of integration with the vehicle product, Even it is essentially a smart car, And Ali competition is not a Tencent, Baidu, It is letv Beiqi.

  However, before Ali SAIC this big watermelon came out , Similar to the Tencent, Baidu's " Sprinkle sesame" route is also in the implementation, Investment of the 95 intellectual driving companies have been vigorously promoting the "Wisdom drive box" and other products, Everything is the basic Tencent, Baidu car networking planning’s mirror image.

  In view of the different stages of BAT each different strengths, Because there are advantages and disadvantages in the implementation of the difference between: Currently, the emphasis on entertainment and social information of Tencent, Baidu has the first mover advantage, and Ali's business content resources are also very difficult to produce too many associations with the car.

  “The car networking or Internet + car, the same concept, But the angle is not the same, For a long period of time, BAT three giants may not be a head-on collision, Because the application scene, after all, than electricity suppliers, IM much bigger, But after a long time, in fact, it still copy the BAT in the PC Internet and mobile Internet era forces territory, From computers, mobile phones to cars, the carrier and the present form of transformation, From computers, mobile phones to cars, the carrier and the form of the transformation of the present, In essence or 'user - intelligent equipment - service' enclosure movement." A car industry practitioners said, This is an opportunity for the automotive Industry, it is likely that the original does not have the advantage of the car companies to take the BAT to achieve the wind to turn overtaking.



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